Stylish and smart storage

In every home it is important to be able to save, store and keep things in a practical and easy way. This applies to all the rooms in the house; in the attic, the hallway, the bathroom, the children´s room, the wardrobe and the kitchen. Out in the garage, screws and Nails are sorted, and hand tools as well as car care Products all have their places. It is just as important to keep the office tidy and neat. Both the office and the workshop need suitable products for good storage. For Nordiska Plast, storage is an important Product area. We offer a very wide range with a high quality in order to meet all possible needs. The products are stable and sturdy for long durability even when handled roughly. We have high aestethic standards in the design of our storage products. They are made to look very attractive as well as being practical. Stylish and smart storage!